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Youth Basketball Program


At Chula Vista Youth Sports, basketball is an important part of our program because of the high demand that there usually is for this exciting game.

At a young age, kids can start to learn the general rules of the sport, techniques for shooting, passing, defense, etc., and gain confidence on the court. Whether a child has goals to play for their school team or just wants to have fun and get exercise, we would be happy to have them be a part of our program.

Because of the up-close nature of basketball, sportsmanship is an important skill for kids to learn on the court as soon as they start to play the game. We teach kids to respect their opponents, play with good effort at all times, and support their teammates. Life skills can easily be learned on the basketball court, and sportsmanship is an important element of what we want kids to walk away with.


Be part of our youth basketball program by registering below.


  • Stars, Suns and Galaxy practice and game location- Montevalle and Salt Creek Recreation Center

  • We offer practices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays (depends on registration)

  • Games 1 time a week on Fridays or Saturdays; Games will vary on times

  • Costs is $185 for the session

  • Game jerseys are $30.00





EVERY THURSDAY AND SATURDAY (Unless noted in month)


Spring Session            May to June 

 (Registration begins Mar)



Summer Session        July to Sept 

(Registration begins May)

Fall Session                October to December

(Registration begins Aug)


Winter Session           Jan- March

(Registration begins Dec)

Youth Basketball Ages 16+

Please submit your information below to get notification when we start.

Thank you for your information. We'll contact you about our youth basketball program ages from 8+

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