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Youth Football


Although it is a physical sport, there is a huge mental component to the game of football. For kids to be successful later on in football, they usually need to get started at a young age so they can learn the concepts and fundamentals of this popular sport. For kids in the Chula Vista area that have a love of football and would like to get started learning and playing the game, the Chula Vista Youth Sports programs are a great place to being.


Our programs teach young people many of the valuable fundamentals that they will need if they are to continue on with football as they grow older. Elements such as passing, catching, running routes, and more will be worked on so that kids can learn the game - and have fun at the same time. Our focus always remains on the fun and growth of the young people, so we work hard to ensure the children are always having a good time on the field.


Kids will be able to interact with one another, build friendships, and learn lessons like teamwork and self-confidence. No matter if a child goes on to play football in college or decides that they are going to choose a different path, their time on the field will have been valuable in a number of different ways.


Chula Vista Youth Sports is proud to offer football as part of our programs and we look forward to teaching this incredible sport to a new generation in the Southern California region.


To know more about our Youth Flag Football Program in Chula Vista, Please click on the button below.  

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