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Mission Statement



The mission of Chula Vista Youth Sports is to build character and self-esteem in young people through lessons learned on the fields and courts of some of the most popular sports in Southern California. We believe strongly that sports have much to teach our youth, and we are committed to helping them grow as athletes, but more importantly, as people.


Any time kids are involved, it is essential that an activity be fun to keep their attention and have them wanting to participate time after time. We aim to make sure that all participants have fun, enjoy the relationships they build with other children, and learn skills that will allow them to play their favorite sports for the rest of their lives.


Of course, safety is also a very important aspect of what we do at Chula Vista Youth Sports. Depending on the age of the children, specific safety measures will be taken to ensure a fun and safe environment in which kids can play without being put in harms’ way. We want all kids to feel safe when coming to Chula Vista Youth Sports so they can learn valuable life skills, get exercise, and grow as young people.



Teaching kids from a young age to be active and engage in a variety of sports is a great lesson that they can carry with them forever. It doesn’t matter what ability a child has on the field or on the court - it only matters that they enjoy themselves, learn great life lessons, and form many new relationships.


Sports have a powerful way of building both self-esteem and character - two things that are very important in the lives of young people. Self-esteem can be gained through a child challenging themselves to practice and improve their skills in whatever sport they happen to love. Character can come through being a good teammate and learning to work hard for the good of those around you.


Chula Vista is proud to offer a variety of sports for the youth of the area, including Volleyball, Soccer, Football, and Basketball.

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