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Youth Volleyball Ages 7-13

Our volleyball programs are available for kids from ages 7-13, and we place an emphasis on having fun and learning life lessons while also developing sport-specific skills. Even children who have absolutely no experience on the volleyball court are more than welcome to come join our program and start learning how to play the game with other kids their age.


Volleyball is unique in that it requires some skills that are specific only to volleyball and aren’t really seen in other places around sports. Actions like the set, dig, and spike are all techniques that need to be learned as part of growing within volleyball. Along with those physical skills, learning the rules of the game and some of the basic strategies is important for young people as well. Whether a child wants to develop their game to be able to play on school teams later on, or just hopes to play on the beach with their friends, they are welcome to come to Chula Vista Youth Sports and start learning right away.


No matter what kind of volleyball skills are developed, the life skills gained are sure to be valuable. Volleyball is a fun sport for kids and adults alike, and Southern California is a natural place to enjoy it. Chula Vista Youth Sports provides opportunities for kids from 7-13 to take part in this sport, with a focus on fun and learning.


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