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The focus at Chula Vista Youth Sports is on having fun and growing a passion for the sport that can be enjoyed season after season. The great thing about participating in sports at a young age is that they can become an interest and activity that lasts for the rest of a child’s life. One doesn’t have to go on to play professional sports to reap great benefits from having participated in youth sports such as the programs that we offer.


We strive to foster a non-competitive atmosphere for kids to truly enjoy themselves and live up to their potential without added pressure. Kids that participate in our programs range across all skills levels, and all are equally valued and important to our organization.

Beyond the obvious exercise benefits of having kids involved in sports, there are countless life lessons that can be learned on the field or court. Things like determination, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, discipline, and more can all be fostered through participation in sports from a young age. Those skills will be very important off the field as a child grows up and moves on to adult life.


We look forward to growing our organization and being able to serve more and more youth in the Chula Vista area who are interested in the sports that we offer. With a friendly and non-competitive atmosphere, we welcome all kids with a desire to play the sport they love - regardless of skill level or experience. We believe strongly in the power of sports to teach important life lessons, and are proud to play a small role in the development of the youth in and around Chula Vista.

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