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Youth Soccer Starting Soon


As part of our programs at Chula Vista Youth Sports, we are happy to offer soccer to kids of a variety of ages and help them learn the fundamentals and techniques of this great game.


As with all of your programs, the main emphasis is on having fun and keeping kids active. We want to make sure that all children in our soccer program are able to enjoy themselves, develop great new relationships, and have so much fun that they can’t wait to come back and play again. By keeping the focus on fun and learning the important lessons that sports have to offer, we hope to foster a love of the sport of soccer that can last for a lifetime.


Of course, there is also effort placed into teaching the game of soccer itself and developing skills that kids can take with them as they grow in the game. For beginners in the game, we are able to teach the basics and help them get started understanding how to play as part of a team on the soccer field. For more experienced soccer players, we will put our efforts into improving the skills that are already in place and helping them reach whatever goals they may have.


Our instructional league is an environment that promotes learning and practicing the important skills that lead to success on the field.


Be part of our email list by adding your contact below and we'll let you know when we are going to start.


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