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Chula Vista Youth Sports is an organization committed to serving youth from all around the Chula Vista area who are interested in a variety of sports. We are dedicated to the development of youth by learning the values and work ethic that sports are able to teach. Less concerned with winning and losing than with teamwork and life lessons, Chula Vista Youth Sports aims to be a place where all kids can come, participate, and have fun with other children of a similar age.



We currently offer four great sports for kids to participate in as part of our programs


Youth Basketball

As with all sports, playing basketball as part of the Chula Vista Youth Sports organization is an opportunity for kids to make new friends and form long-lasting relationships. (READ MORE)

Youth Volleyball

Teamwork is crucial to success in volleyball, so communication and self-confidence skills will be naturally built as a child grows on the court. (READ MORE)

Youth Soccer
Youth Football

Sports should be fun for kids, and we will work hard to see that the kids participating in our soccer programs have a great time from start to finish (READ MORE)

Our programs introduce the basics of how the game is played so a child will have the chance to understand how football is played and build on that knowledge as they get older. (READ MORE)

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