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10-session (5 weeks) course allows athletes to build overall athleticism through movement, strength, power and conditioning. The training program uses customized formulas for speed, strength, and fitness, proved to work by young athletes.  We will be measuring strength and agility on 1st and last day to see their improvements. 


Cost $75 per participant 


The age range will be 10-17. 


The training sessions will be on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:00 PM and Fridays 12:00-1:00 PM.  


Dates: June: 14, 17, 21, 24, 28 July (off on 1), 5, 8, 12, 15, 19


Location: Rev Body 851 Showroom PL, #107, Chula Vista, Ca 91914




About RevBody

RevBody Fit our mission is to spread the gift of movement. By using our years of knowledge and experience within the health and fitness industry, we are here to help you reach your health, wellness, and fitness goals. We firmly believe exercise is medicine.



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